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Tender Specification

Turfmaster Product Pamphlets and Catalogs

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The catalogs are PDF files. You will need Adobe Reader to view them. Click the link below to download Adobe Reader.


Husky Chainsaw 44

Bushranger Slasher

Fieldmaster Heavy-Duty Slasher

Hurambee 1500hd Slasher

Grazer with Briggs Engine

Grazer with Honda GXV390 Engine

Kawasaki TJ27 Telescopic Pole Pruner

Kawasaki TJ35 Pole Pruner

SCAG Cheetah 61inch 31hp Kohler

SCAG Cheetah 61inch 35hp Kohler

SCAG Cheetah 61inch 37hp Briggs

SCAG Cheetah 61inch 27hp Kawasaki

SCAG Cheetah 61inch 31hp Kawasaki

SCAG Tiger Cat 52inch 22hp Kawasaki

SCAG Tiger Cat 52inch 23hp Kohler EFI Engine

SCAG Tiger Cat 61inch 29hp Kohler EFI Engine

SCAG Turf Tiger II 61inch 26hp Kohler EFI Engine

SCAG Turf Tiger II 52inch 26hp Kohler EFI Engine



Brush Cutter MAR-45S

Brush Cutter MAR-55S

Turbomow with Power Pro 2-Stroke Engine

Turbomow with Power-Pro 600V Engine

Turbomow with Kohler Engine

Turbomow with Honda Engine

Falcon F210 Turfpro Finishing Mower

Utility 18inch Mower Power Pro Engine

Utility 18inch Mower Power Pro 600V Engine

HUSKY-600D Hedge Trimmer

Laski FZ 560T Stump Grinder

Go-line Pamphlet

Backpack Blower BLO650

Backpack Blower BLO850

Backpack Blower BL9000

Maruyama HT2350DRX Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmer 600S

KASEI HS600 Walk Behind Cricket Pitch Roller

KASEI HS950 Ride-On Roller

KASEI HS3000 Ride-On Double Drum Road Roller

Laski F460E27 Stump Cutter

JP CARLTON SP2000 Stump Cutter

KUDU with Power Pro 4-Stroke Engine

Falcon F80/150 4 Heavy Duty Slasher

HUSKY 2600PP Pole Pruner

HUSKY 40 Chainsaw

Links to Pamphlets on other Websites

Bush Hog 2815R4

McConnel SR15

McConnel PT180

Wessex ProLine RMX240

JP Carlton 2015

Laski FZ560 T-M

Carlton SP7015

Laski F460E/27

JP Carlton SP2000

JP Carlton SP5014

Bush Hog HDTH Finishing Mower

Bush Hog 2215 Flex Wing


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