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V-Belt MTD 54″ Tractor Mower 954-0642 754-0642

R1,121.25 Including VAT. Online Price Only

V-Belt For MTD Deck Drive

V-Belt MTD 54″ 954-0642 754-0642 Deck Drive 5/8″ X 137.9″ Cub Cadet 954-0642 Hustler 607162 Scag 485636 485845 Auto Drive Yardman

Turfmaster p/n: AAR11661

Description: V-Belt ride on mower

Replaces OEM p/n:

  • Cub Cadet: 754-0642, 954-0642, 754-04083

  • Hustler: 607162
  • MTD: 754-0642, 954-0642, 754-04083,
  • Scag: 485636, 485845
  • Toro: 112-0933
  • Troy Bilt: 754-0642, 954-0642, 754-04083
  • Yardman:

Fits Models:

  • Cub Cadet: GT1554, Serial No. 1K017 and higher; GT1554VT; LGT1054 and LGTX1054, 2012 and 2013; SLT1554, 2008 and newer; SLTX1054, 2009-2011; and SLTX1054VT, Some GT1054 and GTX1054 with 54″ deck
  • MTD: Deck Drive Belt for 54″ Auto Drive Model with Electric PTO
  • Toro: GT2300


  • Width: 5/8”
  • Length: 137-29/32”
  • Wrapped-Molded HB,
  • Aramid Cord Construction,
  • Double-Cover,
  • Clutching Cover.

Please check the dimensions of your old blade to ensure this is correct for your lawnmower.

Genuine Replacement Part Generic


14AA815K004 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K004 (2008) Garden Tractor
14AA815K304 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K372 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K401 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K720 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K730 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K301 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K709 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K371 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K307 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K513 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K713 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K382 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K000 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K121 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K205 (2009) Garden Tractor

14AA815K705 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K706 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K026 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K726 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K054 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K745 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K754 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K704 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K029 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K229 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K134 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K138 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K729 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K929 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K129 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K151 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K206 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K308 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K033 (2009) Garden Tractor

14AA815K019 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K057 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K118 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K131 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K022 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K722 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K002 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K715 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K077 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K977 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K777 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K724 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K105 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K009 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K016 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K145 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K196 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K719 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K098 (2009) Garden Tractor

13AP62TK090 (2008) Riding Lawn Tractor
14AQ816K597 (2008) Garden Tractor
14AQ81GH897 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AQ81GK897 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AQ816H597 (2008) Garden Tractor
13AQ626P597 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AP616H597 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AP616G597 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AV616G597 (2008) Lawn Tractor
14AZ816K190 (GT-2550)(2002) Misc Tool
14AQ816K790 (GT-954H)(2006) Misc Tool
14A9816K790 (GT-2550H)(2004) Misc Tool
14A9816K190 (GT-2550)(2003) Misc Tool
14AA815K790 (GT-954)(2007) Misc Tool

14AR809K063 (2002) 25HP Garden Tractor
GTX2654 (14AZ809K063) (2003) Garden Tractor
14AZ809K766 (Big Red) (2004) Garden Tractor
14AQ81TK766 (GT54) (2006) Big Red Garden Tractor
14AZ809K766 (2004) Big Red
14AQ81TK766 (2006) Big Red Gt54

Cub Cadet
SLTX1054 (13AK92AK010, 13AK92AK056) (2009) Tractor
SLTX1054 (13AK92AK010, 13AK92AK056, 13WK92AK010) (2010) Tractor
GT1554 (14AK13CK, 14AK13CK010) Tractor Courage Engine
LGT1054 (13W793AK009, 13W793AK056) (2014) Tractor Kt Engine
LGTX1054 (13YZ92AK010, 13YZ92AK056, 13AZ92AK010) (2012) Tractor
LGTX1054 (13YZ92AK010, 13YZ92AK056, 13AZ92AK056) (2013) Tractor
LGT1054 (13WK92AK009, 13WK92AK010, 13AK92AK009) (2012) Tractor
SLTX1054 (13WK92AK010, 13WK92AK009, 13WK92AK056) (2011) Tractor 13WK
LGT1054 (13WK92AK009, 13WK92AK010, 13AK92AK056, 13WK92) (2013) Tractor
LGT1054 (13WK92AK010) (2014) Tractor Sv Engine
LGTX1054 (13YZ92AK010) (2014) Tractor
GT1554VT (14VR13CK010, 14VR13CK009) Tractor
SLTX1054VT (13VR92AK009, 13WR92AK010, 13WR92AK009) Tractor

14AR808K131 (2002) Garden Tractor
14AZ808K131 (2002) Garden Tractor
13AP625K730 (2007) Lawn Tractor
14AP805K730 (2006) Garden Tractor
14AR808K131 (2003) Garden Tractor
14AR808K731 (2004) Garden Tractor
14BR808K731 (2004) Garden Tractor

Yard Man
14AR814K401 (2002) Garden Tractor
14AZ814K401 (2004) Garden Tractor
14AZ814K701 (2004) Garden Tractor
14AZ814K401 (2003) Garden Tractor

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm


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