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Power Pro Backpack Mist Sprayer / Blower 26L 40cc


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Power Pro MIS26/40 backpack mist blower – 40cc / 2.13kw / 2.9hp. 2-Stroke. The mist blower comes with a 26 litre capacity and can mist at a rate of 1200m?/h with a horizontal reach of 11m. A mist blower uses air instead of liquid as the carrier for the chemical you are applying. It breaks the spray into very small droplets and distributes them evenly over a large area. A mist blower uses less chemical than a more traditional coarse liquid spray. A mistblower is ideal for applying many substances for example: fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides to name just a few. Tags: Mist blower, Mist Sprayer, Petrol Mist blower, Knapsack Mist Blower, Knapsack mist sprayer, Backpack mist blower, Industrial mist blower, Tanaka mist blower, PowerPro mist blower, Maruyama mist blower, Maruyama mist sprayer,

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