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JP Carlton 2015 Apache Drum Style Wood Chipper


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The J.P. Carlton 2015 Apache chipper shares many of the quality design features of its bigger brother ? the 2518 ? while coming in a smaller, lighter, more compact size. Aggressive feeding is handled by the exclusive long arm pivot top feed roller. This long arm pivot design keeps the top feed roller close to the drum with a lift path that closely matches the contour of the drum ? minimizing the dead space and ?hang ups.? The dual feed wheels are powered by three hydraulic drive motors working on two independent circuits to further maximize pulling power. The 2015 Apache utilizes J.P. Carlton?s exclusive Air Vortex Control to channel and accelerate discharge air, giving the 2015 high discharge velocities and great chip throwing power. 2015 (15 IN.) APACHE. 140 HP John Deere T4F Turbo Charged Diesel. 116 HP Kubota T4F Turbo Charged Diesel. 180 HP GM Liquid Cooled Gas. Drum Style Wood Chipper.

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