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Contact Point Kohler K241 K301 K321 K341

R178.25 Including VAT. Online Price Only

Contact Point Set For Kohler

Contact Point Set Kohler K181 K241 K301 K321 K341 K361 K482 K532 K582 4715001 4715003 Tecumseh 32011A

Turfmaster p/n: AAB16113

Description: Kohler Breaker Points.  For 6 thru 20 Hp engines with battery ignition

Replaces OEM p/n:

  • Kohler: 47 150 01, 47 150 03, 47 150 03-S, 220980, 4715001, 4715003, 4715003S
  • Clinton: 1355500
  • Gravely: 15435
  • John Deere: AM31026, AM35000
  • Tecumseh: 32011A
  • Wico: WX13260, WX15241
  • Mospare: 82161
  • Toro: 4715003

Fits Models:

  • Kohler: K91-K361 Twin series, KT series, K532-K582; for 6 thru 20 HP engines with battery ignitions – see bottom of page

Genuine Replacement Part



K301-47722 Engine
K301-47723 Engine
K301-47724 Engine
K301-47725 Engine
K301-47726 Engine
K301-47727 Engine
K301-47729 Engine
K301-4773 Engine
K301-47730 Engine
K301-47731 Engine
K301-47732 Engine
K301-47734 Engine
K301-47735 Engine
K301-47738 Engine
K301-47739 Engine
K301-47740 Engine

K301-47742 Engine
K301-47743 Engine
K301-47745 Engine
K301-47746 Engine
K301-47748 Engine
K301-4775 Engine
K301-47750 Engine
K301-47752 Engine
K301-47755 Engine
K301-47758 Engine
K301-47760 Engine
K301-47762 Engine
K301-47763 Engine
K301-47764 Engine
K301-47765 Engine
K301-47766 Engine
K301-47769 Engine
K301-47770 Engine
K301-47771 Engine
K301-47772 Engine

K301-47774 Engine
K301-47775 Engine
K301-47776 Engine
K301-47778 Engine
K301-47779 Engine
K301-47783 Engine
K301-47784 Engine
K301-47786 Engine
K301-47789 Engine
K301-47795 Engine
K301-47796 Engine
K301-4780 Engine
K301-47801 Engine
K301-47802 Engine
K301-47803 Engine
K301-47805 Engine
K301-47807 Engine
K301-47812 Engine
K301-47813 Engine
K301-47814 Engine

K321-10202 Generator
K321-102100 Generator
K321-102101 Generator
K321-102102 Generator
K301-47817 Engine
K301-47818 Engine
K301-47819 Engine
K301-47820 Engine
K301-47824 Engine
K301-47825 Engine
K301-47826 Engine
K301-47827 Engine
K301-47828 Engine
K301-47829 Engine
K301-4783 Engine
K301-47830 Engine
K301-47831 Engine
K301-47832 Engine
K301-4784 Engine

K301-4786 Engine
K301-4787 Engine
K301-4794 Engine
K301-4795 Engine
K301-4796 Engine
K301-4797 Engine
K301-4798 Engine
K482-35129 Engine
K482-35139 Engine
K482-35142 Engine
K482-35144 Engine
K482-35145 Engine
K482-35147 Engine
K482-35148 Engine
K482-35153 Engine
K482-35154 Engine

K482-35157 Engine
K482-35159 Engine
K482-35162 Engine
K482-35164 Engine
K482-35166 Engine
K482-35167 Engine
K482-35230 Engine
K482-35240 Engine
K482-35244 Engine
K482-9000A Engine
K482-9000B Engine
K482-9002A Engine
K482-9002B Engine
K482-9003A Engine
K482-9003B Engine
K482-9004A Engine
K482-9004B Engine
K482-9005A Engine
K482-9005B Engine

K482-9006B Engine
K482-9007A Engine
K482-9007B Engine
K482-9008A Engine
K482-9008B Engine
K482-9009A Engine
K482-9009B Engine
K482-90100B Engine
K482-90101B Engine
K482-90102B Engine
K482-90103B Engine
K482-90104B Engine
K482-90105B Engine
K482-90106B Engine
K482-90107B Engine
K482-90108B Engine
K482-90109B Engine
K482-9010A Engine
K482-9010B Engine
K482-90110B Engine
K482-90111B Engine

K482-90112B Engine
K482-90113B Engine
K482-90114B Engine
K482-90115B Engine
K482-90116B Engine
K482-90117B Engine
K482-90118B Engine
K482-90119B Engine
K482-9011A Engine
K482-90120B Engine
K482-90121B Engine
K482-90122B Engine
K482-90123B Engine
K482-90124B Engine
K482-90125B Engine
K482-90126B Engine
K482-90127B Engine
K482-90128B Engine
K482-90129B Engine

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 11 cm


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