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Air Filter Robin EH63 EH64 EH65 EH650 EH72

R184.00 Including VAT. Online Price Only

Air Filter Fits Robin, Subaru, Yamaha Engines

Filter Air for Robin, Subaru, Yamaha EH63, EH64, EH65, EH650, EH72, EH720 Engines – 263-32610-A1

Turfmaster p/n: AAB14296

Description: Air filter Robin Yamaha

Replaces OEM p/n:

  • Ariens: 21527200
  • Robin, Subaru: 0187-6068, 263-32610-01 , 263-32610-A1 , 01876068, 2633261001 26332610A1, RA-263-32610-01
  • Makita: 263-32610-A1
  • Yamaha:

Fits Models:

  • Robin, Subaru: EH63 , EH64 , EH65, EH650, EH72-2 Engines RGV12100, RGV13100T Generator
  • Makita: G12010R Electric Start 12000W Generator
  • Yamaha:


  • OD: 175 mm
  • ID: 140 mm
  • Height: 60 mm

Genuine Replacement part Generic


Subaru / Robin
EH650DA0010 Engine
EH650DA0011 Engine
EH650DA1020 Engine
EH650DA1030 Engine
EH650DA1031 Engine
EH650DA2130 Engine
EH650DA2232 Engine
EH650DA2250 Engine
EH650DA2251 Engine
EH650DA2280 Engine
EH650DA2281 Engine
EH650DA2631 Engine
EH650DA263S Engine
EH650DA2690 Engine
EH650DA2730 Engine
EH650DA2731 Engine
EH650DA2740 Engine
EH650DA2741 Engine

EH650DA2750 Engine
EH650DA2760 Engine
EH650DA4010 Engine
EH650DA4011 Engine
EH650DA4020 Engine
EH650DA4021 Engine
EH650DA4030 Engine
EH650DA5120 Engine
EH650DA5121 Engine
EH650DA5140 Engine
EH650DA5141 Engine
EH650DA5150 Engine
EH650DA5160 Engine
EH650DA5230 Engine
EH650DA5231 Engine
EH650DA5330 Engine
EH650DB0010 Engine
EH650DB0011 Engine
EH650DB2150 Engine
EH650DB2160 Engine
EH650DB2250 Engine

EH650DB2251 Engine
EH650DB5120 Engine
EH650DB5150 Engine
EH650DB5151 Engine
EH650DB5160 Engine
EH650DB5220 Engine
EH650DB5230 Engine
EH650DB5231 Engine
EH650DB5270 Engine
EH650DB5271 Engine
EH650DB5330 Engine
EH650DB5360 Engine
EH650DC0010 Engine
EH650DC0011 Engine
EH650DC0041 Engine
EH650DC0150 Engine
EH650DC0510 Engine
EH650DC0550 Engine
EH650DC0551 Engine
EH650DC0552 Engine

EH650DC0560 Engine
EH650DC0561 Engine
EH650DC1530 Engine
EH650DC1531 Engine
EH650DC2110 Engine
EH650DC2111 Engine
EH650DC2131 Engine
EH650DC2231 Engine
EH650DC2232 Engine
EH650DC2250 Engine
EH650DC2251 Engine
EH650DC2280 Engine
EH650DC2281 Engine
EH650DC2290 Engine
EH650DC2300 Engine
EH650DC2301 Engine
EH650DC2360 Engine
EH650DC2361 Engine
EH650DC2406 Engine
EH650DC2416 Engine
EH650DC2470 Engine
EH650DC2480 Engine

EH650DC251S Engine
EH650DC252S Engine
EH650DC2553 Engine
EH650DC2554 Engine
EH650DC255S Engine
EH650DC2623 Engine
EH650DC2624 Engine
EH650DC262S Engine
EH650DC2631 Engine
EH650DC263S Engine
EH650DC2653 Engine
EH650DC2654 Engine
EH650DC265S Engine
EH650DC2671 Engine
EH650DC2672 Engine
EH650DC2690 Engine
EH650DC2691 Engine
EH650DC2730 Engine
EH650DC5001 Engine
EH650DC5002 Engine
EH650DC5120 Engine
EH650DC5121 Engine
EH650DC5130 Engine

EH650DC5140 Engine
EH650DC5150 Engine
EH650DC5151 Engine
EH650DC5160 Engine
EH650DC5180 Engine
EH650DC5181 Engine
EH650DC5190 Engine
EH650DC5191 Engine
EH650DC5210 Engine
EH650DC5220 Engine
EH650DC5221 Engine
EH650DC5230 Engine
EH650DC5231 Engine
EH650DC5260 Engine
EH650DC5270 Engine
EH650DC5310 Engine
EH650DC5320 Engine
EH650DC5330 Engine
EH650DC5331 Engine
EH650DC5340 Engine
EH650DC5341 Engine

EH650DC5350 Engine
EH650DC5351 Engine
EH650DC5360 Engine
EH650DC5380 Engine
EH650DC7010 Engine
EH650DC7011 Engine
EH650DC7030 Engine
EH650DC7031 Engine
EH650DC7041 Engine
EH650DC7060 Engine
EH650DC7071 Engine
EH650DCR001 Engine
EH650DCR002 Engine
EH650DCR012 Engine
EH650DCR020 Engine
EH650DCR021 Engine
EH650DCR022 Engine
EH650VC0120 Engine
EH720DS0012 Engine
EH720DS0021 Engine
EH720DS0100 Engine

EH720DS0360 Engine
EH720DS0361 Engine
EH720DS0501 Engine
EH720DS0511 Engine

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 16 cm


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