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Industrial Walk Behind Lawnmowers

Kudu Rotary 750 Industrial Lawnmowers

Kudu industrial

The Kudu 750 has been proven for over 50 years as the toughest in the country. No imported machine can compare - even at twice the price. With front swivel wheels, a two-speed gearbox and a clutch as standard equipment. For strength and reliability, there's nothing that compare with a Kudu mower.

Kudu 750 Industrial Lawnmower

The Kudu is also available with a variety of engines:

Kudu Honda engine

Kudu Honda GX390 Industrial Lawnmower

Kudu kohler engine

Kudu Kohler CH44O Industrial Lawnmower

Kudu Briggs and Stratton engine

Kudu Briggs and Stratton Industrial Lawnmower

Kudu Power Pro engine

Kudu Power Pro Industrial Lawnmower

Kudu Power Pro Diesel engine

Kudu Power Pro Diesel Industrial Lawnmower

Grazer Rotary 750 Industrial Lawnmowers

Grazer industrial

The Grazer's construction is just as strong and durable as the Kudu but it has a 5 speed gearbox with a reverse and uses vertical shaft engines

Grazer Rotary 750

The Grazer is also available with different engines:

Grazer Honda engine

Grazer with Honda GXV390 engine

Grazer Briggs and Stratton engine

Grazer with Briggs and Stratton Series 3 Power Built engine

Kudu Trailing seat

Kudu Trailing Seat

Kudu Trailing Seat

Estatemaster Rotary 500 AND 600 Industrial Lawnmowers

T550 Three wheeler industrial

The rotary cutter that has it all. Tough construction with easy maneuverability and large wheels for those raelly rough areas.

Three Wheeler

Estatemaster Briggs and Stratton engine

Estatemaster with Briggs and Stratton 650IC engine

Estatemaster Honda engine

Estatemaster with Honda engine

Estatemaster Kawasaki engine

Estatemaster with Kawasaki engine

Estatemaster Kohler engine

Estatemaster with Kohler engine

Estatemaster Kohler engine

Estatemaster with Maruyama engine

Estatemaster Power Pro engine

Estatemaster with Power Pro engine

MTD Sicle Bar Mower

MTD Sickle Bar Mower

MTD sicle bar or field mower is the right mower for long grass, meadows and paddocks

MTD Sickle Bar Mower