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Brushcutter Nylon Line or Blade


Metal cutting blades are more robust than Nylon Line and therefore offer higher cutting performance. Blades are particularly useful for trimming tougher grasses or very thick vegetation and are definitely necessary in dense bush or for cutting thin trees. Nylon line, on the other hand, is the best choice when working along walls, fencing or paved paths because it will not be damaged as quickly when it comes into contact with a hard surface.

Nylon Line

As mentioned nylon line is your best choice when working along walls, fencing or paved paths because it will not be damaged as quickly when it comes into contact with a hard surface. There is quite a few options of Nylon Heads available for cutting with varying in thickness, self feed, tap and go or manual, you also get some with 2 pieces of string and some with 4 pieces. The thickness of the nylon line also differ from 1,6mm to 3,5mm.

The size or power of the trimmer or brushcutter will help to determine the thickness of the string or line you can use. Smaller trimmers and brushcutters between 20cc to 30cc will use thinner line like 1,6mm to 2,0mm and 30cc to 40cc use 2.0mm to 3,0mm and 40cc up can use 3,0mm to 3,5mm. Link to the Shop


Brush Cutter Blades are best for mowing large areas of tough grass, they are made of steel and are available with a range of different teeth – the blades with 8 or more teeth can also easily cut thin bushes like stinging nettles and reeds. For thicker / tougher reeds and scrub, you will get better results with a 3 tooth Blade. 

3 Tooth Blades

The 3 Tooth Blades is made of steel and is designed to remove particularly tough, field or matted grass and scrub. It is also suitable for cutting back thorny hedges. These three-sided blade’s is available in 250 mm, 300 mm and 350 mm diameters.

The diameter describes the size of the blade, from edge to edge and need to be matched to the size or power of your Brushcutter; example 30cc to 40cc should rather use 250mm diameter blades and 45cc to 52cc can use 300mm diameter blades and 55cc to 65cc can use 350mm diameter blades.

Saw Blades

Saw Blades are designed for the toughest jobs of all. A Saw blades is blades with 8 and more teeth or chisels. With these blades you can also cut or saw small trees

Quick Guide

Type of vegetationBrushcutter head
Grass – No obstacles2 or 4 line trimmer head / plastic blade head
Grass with obstacles2 line trimmer head
Grass in borders – Along walls – Around trees2 line trimmer head
Thick, woody or dry vegetation – NettlesPlastic blades – Metal grass bladesSquare or serrated line head (for powerful engines)
Reeds and bushes with branches of up to 2 cm in diameterMetal 8 tooth blades – Weed wacker blades – 2 or 3 tooth mulching blades – Circular blades with pointed teeth
Undergrowth, thorny bushes, branches measuring over 4 cmChisel or sharp teeth circular saw head – Carbide circular saw head for cutting close to the ground
Tangled bushes, thorny hedgesMetal brush knife and shredding knife
Moss and grass in paved areasWire knot head


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